International Youth Day


13 October, 2020 | 9 : 13 am

A wind of change for good and global development is the youth when they are given the right way. Sixteen per cent of the global population is aged between 16 to 24 years and are termed as a youth. To recognize the young peoples’ visions, works, volunteering initiatives, and voices, the general assembly of the United Nations declared 12 August as the International Youth Day in 1999 but first observed in 1985. On this very day, many events are organized around the globe with the vision of engaging young minds to the stream of global peace and development. The importance of value the voice of youth, the view of youth, and the recognition of the works of the youth is the core concern of celebration of this day. Holding the most youth potential ever, the world looks with hope for a new world through the eyes of youth. But the tragedy of this novel is many youths around the world are engaged in war, dying for food, away form opportunities. Empowerment through education and self-awareness has the key to bring a positive change to youth life and can release them from the jail of poverty. Young people are more than the hope for a peaceful, developed world. They are the torch for the light. The torch will show the world way when the world will be in the dark.


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