Blood Donor Day


17 October, 2020 | 3 : 00 pm

“We got one life, one chance to live, and one chance to die!”
Blood is our life. From our cardiovascular system to our lungs and cerebrum to the renal system, blood is the food of our internal biological system. Therefore, we necessitate blood circulation, even every nanosecond of our life, to breathe and resume our pulsation. We realize the significance of blood when we need it badly, frequently because of suffering from diseases. At that critical time, the purpose of a blood donor appears in the limelight. A blood donor is a living archangel, a real-life saviour who helps us selflessly and demands nothing as a return. Every year on 14 June ‘World Blood Donor Day’ is glorified to pay homage to these social warriors assigned by God.
We should take an oath on this significant day that we will exhibit our utter admiration towards them and believe their selflessness from the core of our hearts.


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