CAN Society dreams for the generation of cyber literate and skilled personnel for corporate. We believe that security is not for only offline but also online. A society of energetic, talented & potentials nurturing the culture of awareness for a secure cyber world corporate environment.

CAN society is focused on applied research in cybersecurity intending to retain cybercrime. Our initiatives include security awareness programs, seminars, training sessions, information security innovation projects, cybersecurity services, corporate & networking skills for our students. We advance applied research on cybersecurity and instruct individuals by conducting awareness & training program on a wide range of security necessities, corporate skills and best practices. By utilizing the aptitudes and skill of the specialists of Bangladesh on community-oriented and co-operative ventures, we advance the dispersion of a cybersecurity culture along with corporate field.

We will identify and extend research initiative in solving modern information security challenges and establish a partnership with industries & professionals to ensure the security research retains significant. We will work to develop and support educational initiatives that continuously evolve with state-of-the-art security issues and technologies in all thrust areas.